Evaluation Pilot 2012

This is a pilot project, developed for Louisiana Department of Education's Human Capital Information System (HCIS). This pilot running during 2011-2012 academic year.

HCIS/CPMS allows employees, supervisors, and evaluators to engage in a comprehensive performance management process, including goal-setting, professional growth planning, observations, mid-year and annual evaluations.

The performance management process begins with goal-setting. Following goal-setting, the supervisor conducts one evaluation through multiple observations/site visits.

During the performance year the supervisor or assigned evaluator may conduct additional 15-minute walk-through for teachers, which will be used for developmental purposes. Evaluation results both written and face to face discussions will be made available. During mid-year evaluation the goals and professional growth plan will be revisited and revised if necessary. Finally, the Evaluation component will compute a final evaluation score for each teacher and school leader.

The system will also generate reports, including reports summarizing patterns in teacher and leader performance, completion rates, and compliance measures by school, district and DOE levels. These reports will help us establish process fidelity, scoring reliability and rater reliability.

We hope you have a pleasant experience using the HCIS/CPMS pilot system.